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11 January 2023, 09:13. Aconcagua, all programs »

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Dmitry Semenov reports from Argentina:

Greetings from the slopes of Aconcagua from the Mañana group!  Yesterday, our small but very friendly team, at 5 o'clock in the morning, went to storm the summit of Aconcagua (6962m). I would like to say that the weather all the days before the ascent was not for us, constant snowfalls did not contribute to a successful ascent.  And we felt it in full, at an altitude of 6400m at the beginning of the traverse. Winter snow, dry is very good for skiing, but not as for walking. There were three groups of us on this site, guys from Florida and two climbers from Mexico. In the middle of the traverse, only the Mexicans and we continued to fight. The most difficult climbing started after a place called La Cueva or cave. Where there was a stone scree, now a snowfield lay in front of us, the height of the snow in places reached the chest. The guys from Mexico and I joined forces and started trampling. Having reached the height of 6800, the Mexicans turned around, we continued climbing. But after an hour, it became clear that we would not reach our goal. We had to turn around. We were returning, already in the snowfall.  Valery was waiting for us in our assault camp with hot tea, thank you so much for that! Now we are in the base camp, warm and cozy, making plans for a rematch.