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14 January, 23:49

Director of the 7 Summits Club Lyudmila Korobeshko reports from Chile:

January 14. Greetings to all from Atacama, Chile, from the Papas Bravas group! Today we had a day of rest and excursions around Copiapo. We visited the central square of the city - Plaza de Armas - all in greenery, flowers, palm trees and pepper trees and with a statue of Juno on four condors in the center.

We visited the cathedral, went to supermarkets, visited the beautiful San Francisco Church (in honor of our recent ascent to the top of San Francisco) and the Atacama Museum of Local Lore. The museum is extremely interesting - with stuffed cougars (we realized that one of them recently came to our camp), condors, armadillos and other animals. We learned a story about how in 2010 33 miners were buried in the mine under the rubble for more than 2 months, but in the end they were all rescued. We found a wonderful courtyard with cacti and the best coffee in Copiapo. And in the evening we even visited the casino (partially).

Tomorrow morning we return to Atacama, to our camp on Laguna Verde.  And at night we plan to storm the volcano Ojos del Salado.