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17 January 2023, 20:08. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Evgeny Fedyunin reports from Tanzania:

Jumbo Rafiki! The first minus degree at night, but a clear morning and bright Sun! Again, cool views of the Kilimanjaro massif and Mount Meru 4562m. The group "Mashujaa Tisa (Nine Knights)" of the 7 Summits Club continues its Machame Route. In 3 hours we gained 900m and went to the Lava Tower 4640m, there is lunch.

And yet, they gave fog, drizzle and grits... Well, and to those who did not believe in pole pole, the mountain sickness knocked, not much, but made it clear what height and speed are! The descent from the Lava Tower, into the valley of the Senecio grass palms and Camp Baranco 3900m, was slower.  We are waiting for dinner now! Everyone is tired, but happy. Guides Sergey Avtomonov and Evgeny Fedyunin.