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3 February 2023, 18:42. Everest, all programs »

The 7 Summits Club invites you this year, 2023, to join an expedition to the Himalayas and climb the highest peak in the World, Mount Everest. If there is an opportunity – you need to go, there is no opportunity - you need to look!  The first reason not to postpone your participation in the attempt to climb Mount Everest is obvious. The world is far from political stability. The softest thing to say.

And if there is still an opportunity to celebrate something, we celebrate! This year Nepal is preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest. What is our benefit? The anniversary will be felt all along the route. And at the end of the expedition to Kathmandu, we will be greeted by a real carnival. There is every reason to assume that in 2024 China will open a route to Mount Everest from the north. And the main expedition of the 7 Summits Club will be conducted from there. If you want to climb Everest in the team of the legendary man Alex Abramov from Nepal, then it is unknown when the next opportunity will be. Probably from 2024 we will be on the north side.


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