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9 February 2023, 07:16

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club: 

Hello everyone! I want to inform you that this year the 7 Summits Club and RD Studio will shoot the film "High-Altitude Gene-2. K2".  I want to invite you to an expedition to K2, that is, to become participants in the ascent and in the film. The dates are June 15 – August 8.



Dear friends! We are going to K2 to shoot the film "The Height Gene-2". We'll take it off. There is no doubt. But the task is to make it more interesting and cooler than the movie " High-Altitude Gene-1". In the success of the film, money will still not be the main thing, they are in second place. The first is the people, the main characters of the film. Their characters, their history, victories and defeats, team relationships, emotions of the participants…



In general, we need heroes, participants. Different in characters and life stories, one thing will unite them: they will all burn both by climbing K2 and by participating in the film. We want to limit the number of team members to 10-12 people. I think half of the participants (the best half) should be women. The second condition is the experience of climbing Summits above 8000 meters. I am sure that we will finish assembling the team by March 1. On March 1, we have to announce the composition of the expedition. Therefore, hurry up with applications. Write to!

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