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20 February 2023, 06:11. Nevado del Tolima, all programs »

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Svetlana Kotlyar reports from Colombia:

Hola amigos! Greetings to all from Colombia from the team "IGORYASHKI"!

We were out of touch in the jungle for a couple of days, but today we are back in civilization again. Our team split up for a while, some members stayed to relax on the beaches of Santa Marta, and the main part of the group went trekking to the Lost city.

On February 17, we went on the route. On the first day, we drove part of the way on motorbikes and the second half (10 km) walked to the town of Mumake, where we stopped for the night. The route passes through the jungle, through thickets of tall century-old trees. The place of the overnight stay is located on the river bank, and how nice it was to plunge into the cool water after the route! For dinner, we cooked delicious local fish.

On February 18, we woke up early in the morning and after breakfast continued our journey to the Lost city. The lost city of Tyrone was found in the 1970s by tomb robbers, after which it became a real sensation. According to modern scientists, it was founded around 800 AD, i.e. 650 years earlier than the famous Machu Picchu.

There is only one way to get to the city – to climb up the slope by about 1200 stone steps, the ascent of which after climbing the Nevado del Tolima was not easy for us, but we coped. The climb was definitely worth it, all the participants were very impressed!

In three days of trekking, we have covered more than 40 km, and in total for the entire program more than 100. Today we went down to Santa Marta and met with all the team members at a villa near the Caribbean coast. Now we are having dinner and sharing our emotions from our long and eventful trip to Colombia!