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5 May 2023, 07:59. Everest, all programs »

The members of the expedition of the 7 Summits Club are on the second, final acclimatization rotation. At this time, the head of the expedition, Alexander Abramov, is at the base camp and supervises the preparatory work for the upcoming assault on the summit of Mount Everest.





Alex Abramov:  Today is the day of preparation for the ascent in the BC of Everest. Food for high-altitude camps. For each day, for each participant, a package with food. The same was considered and planned to supply  oxygen. Tents and everything you need. Tomorrow our team will fly to Namche, where they will spend 4 nights to recover.  On May 10th, return to BC and on the 12th, the start of the ascent.

While we relax.

Team "Masala Tim"

Guide Alex Abramov

Doctor Andrey Selivanov

BC manager Elena Abramova.