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13 May 2023, 10:22. Makalu, all programs »

The head of the expedition on Makalu Lyudmila Korobeshko reports from Nepal:

May 13. In the morning, a helicopter arrived and finally our entire team of Makalu Minions gathered in Makalu BC. Yesterday, due to bad weather, only part of the group - 5 people - was able to fly. Even the pilot Simone Moro himself could not immediately take off. And he spent about 2 hours with us at the base camp waiting for the weather to improve.

So, there are 9 of us. Marina Gevorgyan completed her program "Touching the Makalu" and flew home. Veronika Zaripova, one of the strongest participants of the expedition, fell on the descent after the second rotation and suffered a severe knee injury. Until the last, she hoped that she would be able to return to the ranks. But the doctors said that a month minimum load is prohibited. So Veronica had to complete the expedition. She has already left Nepal.

Yesterday there was a strong wind and a terrible cold in the camp.  The weather has improved this morning. And at 8.00 the good news came - a team of Sherpas led by our Lakpa hung ropes to the top!!!  There is the first ascent on Makalu in the 2023 season!!!

By the way, Kristin Harila also climbed the summit of Makalu.

Tomorrow we are going to start - the first climb to C2 and further according to the plan.

 List of climbers:

  1. Lily Kovalenko
  2. Irina Zisman
  3. Vladimir Belkovich
  4. Yuri Lukyanov
  5. Igor Smirnov
  6. Vasily Kernitsky
  7. Valery Babanov
  8. Israfil Ashurli (deputy leader)
  9. Lyudmila Korobeshko (leader)

 Wish us good luck!