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25 January 2010, 18:12. South Pole, all programs »

The New Yew started with the growth of activity.

A record number of 7 Summits Club's expeditions held in January. All of them were successful.

Here's a summary of them:
1. Expedition to the highest point of Africa - Kilimanjaro. Group as a whole has risen to the top.
2. In January There were three expeditions to the highest point of South America - Aconcagua. In two expeditions all participants reached the summit. In the third expedition 11 out of 12 people reached the.
3. New Year's expedition to the highest point of Australia - Kosciuszko. All people reached the top. Also as part of the expedition was an active motor race on New Zealand.
4. Expedition to the volcanoes of Ecuador. The whole team summited the volcanoes Chimborazo and Cotopaxi.
5. Closing of the traditional 7 Summits Club expedition to Antarctica. One group had reached the South Pole, passing more than 100 kilometers. A second group climbed to the highest point in Antarctica - Vinson Massif. And the third group to passed more than 300 km from Base Camp Vinson Massif to sea level.