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24 July, 12:09

The guide of the 7 Summits Club and 8000 Club Valery Myasoedov reports from Tajikistan:

Greetings from Tajikistan! Sorry for the long forced silence, there was a problem with the Internet in a remote mountainous area on Moskvin's Glade. It's time to call our group "In search of Wi-Fi". During this time, we completed the acclimatization program and on July 22 we climbed the Peak of Korzhenevskaya, 7105 m. Acclimatization went according to plan, the day of the assault was chosen correctly, almost the entire group successfully reached the top. Unfortunately, one participant felt unwell in the third camp at 6300 m and nobly refused the assault, saying that he would not prevent the main group from reaching the top. The first half of the day delighted us with fantastic landscapes at the Peak of Communism and the entire ridge route of Korzhenevskaya Peak. And in the afternoon, on the contrary, it was covered with clouds, which made it easier for us to descend. The team showed indomitable character and willpower. Together with six other climbers, we were practically the first commercial group of this season on the summit that day. Before us, only a team of guides and Aksai Travel porters came to the top. As communication improves, there will also be a video as a separate block. In the meantime, we are happy and enjoying our rest at the Base Camp.