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5 August, 23:06

 "Greetings from the Base Camp in Moskvin's Glade, which is located in distant Tajikistan! We are already warm and safe, and on August 3 we stood at Summit of the Peak of Communism (7495 m) — the highest point of the Soviet Union!

The ascent was not easy: the Base Camp - Summit - Base Camp route takes 8-9 days, but successful acclimatization, competent planning, and most importantly, the weather factor were on our side. It was the right decision to unite with other groups on the day of the assault, snow this year is waist-deep almost all over the route, a small group cannot overcome such an obstacle.

19 people stormed out of Camp 4 under Dushanbe Peak at an altitude of 7000 m. Up to 7400 m we walked all together, and then our group, having passed the most difficult section first, reached the Crest and at 12.40 (local time) were the first to reach Summit!

The panorama from the Roof of the World, as the Pamirs are called, was amazing! Imagine, our 8000 Club flag didn't even need to be stretched, it was almost calm... This doesn't happen very often.

There was no limit to the delight and emotions of our Anastasia Panfilova!  She managed to make both peaks this season: the Peak of Korzhenevskaya and the Peak of Communism. The photos turned out great, for the first time I decided to number them so that our friends of the 7 Summits Club and the 8000 Club could appreciate the beauty of each moment"

Guide Valery Myasoedov

 At the Peak of Communism on August 3



 Selfies on top



 The Passage of the Summit Ridge. Requires maximum concentration



 Descent from the Summit Ridge. The most dangerous place



 The beginning of the descent from the peak, 7495 m



 Exit to the Ridge, 7400 m



 Assault camp under the Peak of Dushanbe, 7000 m



 At the Base Camp, a few minutes after returning. Happy climbers



 Peak of Communism from the crest of Korzhenevskaya Peak