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20 August 2023, 22:44. Damavand, all programs »

 Salam from Iran!  Today, the group of "16 happy Persian Lions" of the 7 Summits Club started in the direction of the Demavend base camp called Bargoh-E-Sevom (4150 m).

At first, there was a drop of up to 3000 m on local jeeps. In a camp with a mosque of 3020m, luggage was loaded onto mules and trekking started. “Pole pole” tactics were correct again, we walked without choking and without losing our breath. Now there are more people on the hut, there is a large tent camp around.

Our chefs never cease to amaze! Baked stuffed chicken is, of course, SOMETHING for 4150! Now we are resting and preparing for tomorrow's acclimatization day.

Guides Valery Myasoyedov, Evgeny Fedyunin.