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23 March 2010, 02:18

7 Summits Club is the first adventure company starting to run a totally new Elbrus climb, which includes crossing the Elbrus Col (5300m) from the southern side to northern one. It means you go up from the bustling, noisy and more or less civilized Baksan Valley and descend into the calm and quiet wilderness of the northern foothills. From there you will go for several hours in a 4WD vehicle across the high and bare northern pastures offering the superb views of the ranges of West and Central Caucasus.

Elbrus climb with traverse from south to north, 10 days

Special for 7 Summits Club members

Price: 1 290 EUR.

Days 10 / Nights 9
July 24 - August 02;

July 31 - August 09;

With best local guides


If asked about the highest and most dramatic mountains of Europe nine out of ten Europeans will answer “the Alps”. Yet, the grandest and by far the highest mountain chain of Europe (seven summits over 5000m plus Mt.Elbrus with its 5642m) is the Caucasus stretching between the Black and Caspian seas in the continent’s south-eastern corner.

 And undoubtedly, Mt. Elbrus, this white double-headed dormant volcano, is the highest, most beautiful and most alluring mountain in Russia.
Last but not least: it will take you just 7-8 hours to get from Moscow to this Seven Summits peak… 

The fact that Elbrus is the highest point in Europe suffices for many to go and climb it. Yet, this obvious attraction is not the main one, for Elbrus belongs to a handful of mountains with a very special and irresistible kind of beauty which lies in their shape and setting. Most of them are volcanoes, such as Fujiyama, Ararat and Kilimanjaro, and like all these, this mountain is a world apart. It stands 11km north from the Main Range and exceeds its neighbors in height by 1200-2000m. The views from both the summits are breathtaking: to north it is a rolling carpet of
pastures veiled by the blue haze of distance and on all the other sides the sea of snowy peaks. It is said that through the clear air of autumn you can see both the Black and Caspian seas.


Elbrus from the North