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since 2005
18 September 2023, 22:51

Hello, dear mountain lovers! Greetings from Kazakhstan! The first group arrived in the camp!

Ratmir and Alexey are very glad to see their students of the Khibiny collection again!!!  The flight to Kazakhstan from Moscow took 4 hours and 30 minutes of pure time. The main part of the group took off at 20:50 and at 6 o'clock, having passed customs, left the airport for Almaty. The time difference is 3 hours, so there is a jetlag. One hour of travel and we settle in the camp.

We rested before lunch, then had a snack in an excellent dining room and went for a walk to the weather station Mynzhilki 3100m.  The weather was cloudy, there was rain in places. But the main task, the beginning of adaptation to the highlands, has begun.

After dinner, according to the covenant and the instructions of the sister-mistress Didasha, the members  took readings of pulse, pressure and oxygenation. Everything is fine, we are working according to plan.

The guides: Alexey Lonchinsky and Ratmir Mukhametzyanov.