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24 September, 10:39

 The main group of the expedition of the 7 Summits Club climbed to the highest point of the Manaslu massif this morning. Victor Volodin (head), Yana Zharkova, Nikolai Lukin, Nikolai Shipilov and 5 Sherpa guides who accompanied them successfully reached the summit. Yana did it on her birthday, and at the age of 23 she became the record holder of Russia as the youngest climber on the eight-thousandther. We are waiting for a message about the descent to the base camp.


List of Sherpas :

 1: Lakpa Sherpa-Makalu 1 🇳🇵 6:30am

2: Tashi Sherpa-Makalu 1 🇳🇵 6:30am

3: Lakpa Tenje Sherpa-Makalu 1🇳🇵6:30am

4: Ong Dorchi Sherpa-1 🇳🇵6:30am

5: Ngang temba sherpa-Makalu 1🇳🇵6:30am