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since 2005
21 November 2023, 09:14

Hola from Ecuador! How can you start the day so that you have enough energy for the whole day? For example, go to a yoga studio early in the morning. There, Master Santiago will quickly teach you how to do all the asanas deeply and correctly.

But, the main info-reason, of course, is not this one. The group finally reached the volcanoes and made their first acclimatization climb on the volcano Ruco Pichincha, which overhangs Quito with its slopes. For most of the members, this was the first high-altitude experience. Everyone did a great job! Although, for many it was not easy at all! We were very lucky with the weather! As soon as we got back down, a couple of minutes later a heavy downpour began.

On the way we saw parama (high Andean steppes), the famous "Ecuadorian Edelweiss", a lot of Andean rabbits and, of course, a bird on the top, which has already become a symbol of this place.

Tomorrow we leave Quito and go towards the next volcano Iliniza Norte.