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26 March 2010, 13:31. Elbrus, all programs »


Perhaps it was the best party in the history of the 7 Summits Club. First of all, thanks to famous Russian skydiver and basejumper Valery Rozov, which came out three times on the podium. His presence inspired all the other speakers be concise and accurate time. For the first time, our guides have prepared almost all the reports in the form of slide-films. The technical level is growing. It was so interesting that the guests could not find time to come to the table.

Valery Rozov showed two films and in the conclusion of the evening played the main prize - a certificate for a parachute jump in tendeme with Valery Rozov. This is a real auction. Three of the most deserving on the same evening jumped along with Valery Rozov. See photo. Do not think that we played out of people. Valery Rozov personally agreed with each of the winners of the joint jumping.

In the party we summed up the competition for the best story about your ascent to one of the SEVEN SUMMITS. The Winner Vadim Alferov from Voronezh personally come for the main prize - a certificate on any trip to the 7 Summits Club par 1000 USD!!!

Seeing this, the Everest Expedition 2010, leader Alexander Abramov, guides Nikolai Dmitrievich Cherny, Sergei Larin, Maxim Bogatyrev, Mount Everest, as well as Victor Bobok to the North Pole, and the other guides in Nepal, Tibet and other territories have turned bright and memorable. In June, we all hope to gather for final meeting.