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27 February, 05:10. North Pole, all programs »

On February 22, at 14: 00, the Transglobal team of 13 people on all-terrain vehicles "Emelya" started from Cambridge Bay in the direction of Resolute Bay and further to the North Pole. Thus, began the Arctic stage of the Transglobal expedition. The team mastered the technique, overcoming the first kilometers of the route in difficult conditions, with strong winds and almost zero visibility in the white haze. They had to do some maintenance on the trailers along the way, but overall, everything is going well. The satellite image shows that gray, uneven ice awaits ahead, which means slow driving. We inflated the tires manually to prepare for icing.

The first stage of the expedition was by car and ended in the settlement of Cambridge Bay in the far north of Canada. Here the team received a warm, cordial welcome - the local authorities staged a real celebration. The cars from here set off on their way back, and the expedition transferred to Emel's all-terrain vehicles.