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since 2005
2 March, 23:03

 Yesterday, the mountaineering school of the 7 Summits Club in Khibiny started!  Both branches of the participants (beginners and continuing ones) gathered in the city of Kirovsk.

The first department:

"We had a lecture on equipment, a lecture on knots, a practical lesson. They told the participants about the equipment hanging on the system, which points and how much they hold, how to carry it all, how to shorten ropes. But not all of them passed, they did not overload people with information.

Then there was a practical lesson on the interaction of ropes. We walked between the trees in ropes. We learned to get attached first, middle, last, shorten the rope, belay each other, get each other, get up on self-belay and now we are all going to go together to watch the northern lights.

Tomorrow there will be a practical lesson on the terrain all day, we will continue to learn how to set points and assemble stations and re-work out interaction with new introductory ones."

Guides: Ratmir Mukhametzyanov and Alexey Lonchinsky.

 The second department:

"The NP-2 group of the Seven Summits Mountaineerimng School of Khibiny held the first day of training sessions on the Urban Gap rock massif. After the lecture on "Modern climbing equipment and its proper use", the participants of the Mountaineering School practiced the techniques of climbing snow-covered rocks in crampons, climbing and descending with a "dulfer" along vertical fixed ropes. We tried real drytulling on icy rocks. The weather in the Khibiny is now like in winter Scotland, snowy and humid."

Guide: Andrey Selivanov.