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4 March, 23:42

News of the mountaineering school in Khibiny

NP1 department. 

Today we had a day of practical training on natural terrain. The main goal was to prepare for the terrain that we will have on the upcoming route. Since our route will be technically simple, but there will be a lot of snow, we held snow classes.  We learned how to trail snow, walk with an ice axe, performed "self-arrest" in the snow, on a snowy slope in several stages. We spun through the back, spun through the side, walked in ropes.

We got to know a little more about the structure of crampons and learned how to put them on. After that, we returned home, where there was a lecture section.

We got acquainted with the itinerary documentation, with the itinerary, told how it goes in the alpine camps, who is the graduate, who is responsible for safety, how the itinerary is filled out. And in the description of the route, we studied our route, drew the attention of the climbers to important points. We chose tactics and discussed it, selected equipment for tomorrow's route, told how to navigate the route, what, again, to pay attention to.

Guides: Ratmir Mukhametzyanov, Alexey Lonchinsky.

 Department of NP2

We climbed to the summit of Yugspor along route 1B "Damsky" on the left side of the South buttress.  There was a lot of snow on the route, as always in winter Khibiny, but visibility was excellent. On the descent, the aurora borealis was observed during the day in the form of a rainbow column over the neighboring peak.

Guide: Andrey Selivanov.