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6 March, 18:05

Valery Myasoedov, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Mexico:

Greetings from Mexico from the Quetzal group! Yesterday we had the third day of the program, climbing La Malinche, 4462 m. Why are we Quetzal? This is in honor of a small unusual bird that is found only in Central American countries and is a symbol in many of them. In Guatemala, for example, the country's currency is called the quetzal. And we also call it the firebird.

 We are leaving our cozy hacienda today, we spent two nights here. The hacienda is an estate with many buildings, in the architectural style of colonial times, in which both owners and employees lived.

And the main event of yesterday - we climbed La Malinche. We gained almost 1400 m in 4.5 hours. Everyone successfully coped, admired the beautiful views, and tired, but satisfied with the stage we had passed, returned to our hacienda. At dinner, the appetite was excellent.