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Lyudmila Korobeshko, Super-guide of the 7 Summits Club from Tanzania:

Greetings from Africa!  From Barranco camp at 3900m on the slopes of Kilimanjaro from the Space Group! Yesterday we made the trek to the Shira Cave camp. On the way, we met two species of African mice, a dozen brazen white-necked ravens and many endemic plants. An evening of song and dance was held in the camp before dinner. Our Tanzanian team sang to us in Swahili, and we answered them with Katusha. Everyone was satisfied.

We had dinner with borscht with garlic and all sorts of pickles, went to bed early, because the next day there was a long walk ahead.

The morning of March 10 greeted us with a stunning sunrise and fragrant Ethiopian coffee (thoughtfully purchased at the transfer in Addis Ababa). We started at about 9 a.m. in parallel with our friends, the "26 Baku commissars" (a large group of Kenyan climbers).

After 3 hours of climbing, a tea point was set up. An hour later we had lunch near the Lava Tower at 4600.

After lunch, we started to descend towards the camp. The rain scared us at first, but it stopped quickly. On the way, we arranged a photo shoot with incredibly beautiful thickets of senecia. We went down to Barranco's camp almost at 6 pm. Tomorrow we will storm the Barranco Wall. Getting ready - sharpening ice axes, checking platforms (joke). In fact, we are taking a shower (partially) and plan to drink some white at dinner.