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15 April 2010, 11:58. North Pole, all programs »

Even the easiest route to the North Pole, with helicopter was in this year challenging. Severe storms, extremely low temperatures - all of this introduces an uncertainty into the plans of flights, as well as a very strong drift, which is constantly shifting point of poles on the ice surface. What to say about those who go skiing! The difficulty of the campaign surpassed the worst expectations. So that our members have reached the extreme northern point of the planet can be proud of. Club North Pole explorers replenished our friends Vyacheslav Adrov (by helicopter), Irina Klimova (by skiing) and Igor Grishkov (by skiing, the program "Last Degree") .... Congratulations!

Also the North Pole was reached (dog sledge program) by our friends Vasily Kolesnikov and Alexei Soloviev.