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since 2005
19 April 2010, 17:33

Today we farewell to a long trip leaders of the expedition to Island Peak Olga Rumyantseva and Sergei Timofeev. They will ensure climb of this trekking peak for 13 climbers of different qualifications, combined with a dream to enjoy a view on beautiful Himalayan peaks of the world headed by Everest. And also they pass on the legendary trail from Lukla airport to the upper Khumbu valley and climb the mountain of Kala Patar. Few people can tell about Nepal as much as Sergei Timofeev, a master of sports from Yekaterinburg. For example he climbed all three summits of Lhotse in the three different expeditions by three different ways.


Team members:

Adinyaeva Aelita

Akhmetshin Rustem

Barsukov Stanislav

Belousov Gleb

Bermisheva Pauline

Ganzha Alexei

Kiselev Sergey,

Nebuchinov Roman

Nosov Mikhail

Oleg Pak,

Salnikov Marina

Dmitri Seliverstov,

Andrey Shlyapnikov.



Sergey Timofeev    Master of Sports in mountaineering, "Snow Leopard", winner of two gold and silver medals of the USSR championships, three gold, three silver and four bronze medals at the championships of Russia, member 5-Himalayan expeditions