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The 7 Summits Club congratulates our friends and comrades from the Transglobal Car expedition on completing the Arctic stage of their record-breaking route! We remind you that one of the authors of the idea and initiator of the project is the President of the 7 Summits Club, Alexander Abramov, who took part in the first stage – a run through the northern regions of the United States. He was not allowed to enter Canada in a sneaky way, canceling his valid visa right at the border without reason.

   The Arctic stage began on February 8, when the team left the Canadian town of Yellowknife. On February 22, the expedition left solid ground and entered the ice of the Arctic Ocean. A team consisting of 13 people went on a route on all-terrain vehicles "Ymelya". On April 6, the North Pole was reached and the expedition turned south towards Greenland. On May 10, the shore of this largest island in the world was reached. Further along the way, our expedition was accompanied by the Danish military, who demanded non-stop movement to the final point of the Arctic stage of the Nord Station military base. April 11 was the final day. In 80 days of a unique, record-breaking crossing, the expedition covered a distance of 6141 km.




  Vasily Shakhnovsky, the final message of the Arctic stage of the expedition:

As I expected, we were forbidden to take photos and videos at the base. They collected passports and conducted a full-fledged search of cars for weapons. Vaudeville developed in parallel with our departure. The police insisted that we leave Greenland as soon as possible. As a result, in exchange for agreeing to leave today, they will help us with putting the cars in order.

  In the end, 6 people are leaving today: Badulin, Safonov, Zaitsev, Andrew, Gavrilov and I. The remaining six are Elagin, Vankov, Ershov, Obihod, Dubinin and Larin. They stay for one day, put the cars in order and put them on conservation and fly to Svalbard tomorrow. There will be no photos of the base. But I want to say that the order here is perfect. Despite all the fears, in the end everything was agreed. We are sitting now, waiting for the plane.

  We took off safely and landed in Svalbard two hours later.


We stopped to take a collective photo against the background of Yemelyas.



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