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since 2005

The guide of the 8000 Club Viktor Volodin reports from the Everest base Camp:

May 12. Without changing our habits, we got up at two in the morning, had breakfast, and went on the route at three. Everything is according to plan, at night and at dawn we pass the Khumbu icefall. It is condescending to us and not a single piece of ice falls in our direction, and what is still very good, there are practically no people at all, and this allows us to go through difficult and dangerous places without queues. The weather also favored us, it was windless, the sun was covered by small clouds and it was not so hot to go. We arrived at Camp 1 for lunch. Here, as before, everything was in perfect order and complete comfort.

May 13. Since the march from Camp 1 to Camp 2 is not very long, we leave at 9 a.m. The path is simple and gentle, but sometimes with large cracks. The weather is gorgeous and sunny. We arrived at Camp 2 for lunch. A delicious lunch, rest and preparation for tomorrow's exit. Before that, there were only approaches, then there will be climbing, steep ice slopes, an altitude above 7 thousand. We will rely on luck, the weather, and our own strength.