Providing expeditions
since 2005

 Greetings to all from Tanzania from the Amazing group!  Today we had a great, half-relaxing day. Waking up in the morning, everyone was surprised and delighted to admire the blanket of clouds below us.  And those who were not too lazy to leave their homes at night could watch the incredible starry sky. After breakfast, we went for a short scenic walk to Zebra Rocks - black and white rock massive. In four hours we gained and dropped 400 meters, which is very good for acclimatization. And we saw a lot of beautiful things, which is just good.

At the camp, we were greeted with songs and dances. The ceremony of getting to know the team was held cheerfully. They sang songs, we danced. Tomorrow we will have a big march to the assault camp.

Guides Boris Egorov and Olga Rumyantseva.