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Greetings from Tehran! Yesterday (July 2) the Persian Lions group stood in full force at the top of Damavand! The weather conditions continue to surprise us. It was the third ascent in a row, which took place in difficult conditions, in fog and with strong winds. It should be noted that such weather is unusual for Damavand at this time of the year. And this makes this ascent an even more significant achievement. At the last moment, the exit to the assault was again postponed to 23.00, up to a height of 5,200 m we walked in one group. Then we split into two.  The "fast ones" broke away for half an hour, but stayed at the top to take a general group photo - team spirit, what else can you say! Of course, it was not easy, of course, everyone was tired, but the memory of achieving the goal in such conditions will remain with us for the rest of our lives. We are proud of the Team with a capital letter! Guides Evgeny Fedyunin and Valery Myasoedov.