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20 June 2010, 10:35

After climbing Mount McKinley Vladimir Dyukov, Maadyr Hovalyg and Marianne Surunchap visited our office on the way home. Our three climbers, origin from Siberia, made the sturm ot the highest peak of North America on June 8. On this day the weather was relatively benign, at least, it gave a chance. Vladymyr Diukov together with a Polish climber was on top in the middle of the day, where he waited for more climbers from Donetsk (Ukraine). Tuvans (Maadyr and Marianna) walked his own pace and reached the summit a later, in the evening. All climbers simply rave about Alaska and is very grateful to Arthur Testov. The legendary mountaineer, climbed McKinley in winter, met and escorted our climbers. He talked about the local customs and lit with guests "the pipe of peace" ...

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