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23 December 2010, 11:13. Vinson, all programs »

Hello! Now at 9 pm on Chile, the 22-th of December. Our team went down to the Low Camp. The weather at the top is bad, the forecast for tomorrow is worse than for today, and the next day - worse than tomorrow. Therefore, a minimum to 24-th, our team will be in the Low Camp. We did not reached the summit of Vinson, as none of the climbers, who came with us. And now 90% of climbers who pretend to climb Mount Vinson stay in the Low Camp. We have just a small chance in short-term, up to 29 th December. The weather is really bad at the top, a very strong wind. We have taken a short attempt to climb today. But failed. Very cold, that is, you begin to feel cold just 15-20 minutes after leaving the tent and the likelihood of frostbite was very high today.

Wind speed was of 20-25 knots now - it's approximately 40 kms per hour, tomorrow - 30 knots - it is somewhere 60 km / h .... The day after tomorrow 40 knots - sometimes 80 km / h ...

That is a very severe frost and strong wind. So we sit down, but ready to leave if the weather suddenly…..