23 July 2011, 14:06

We all say congratulations for our group under the leadership of Alexander Abramov. They now begin the descent from the top. After all the complexity of the weather they were able to ascent to the top today!


our group

Call from the summit of Mon Blanc:


Hello, Alexander Abramov calls from the top of the Mont Blanc, there are eight members and three of our guide. We all ascend!

In the morning the weather was very bad. Actually we delay for 3 hours, instead of the 3 am we went out at 6, and it worked, because the weather became better. You should hear, here is people laugh and rejoice.

In the beginning, when we came out from the camp, was a real snowstorm, and every moment there was such impression, that we get down and turn around. In general, we are on top, wind practically are not present, the sun is shining, everyone is happy, call family and friends. Lists of members, who ascent will be a little later. We begin to descent, in fact descent he is rather complicated and dangerous, so it is too early yet to congratulate us. Contact when go down. Good-bye".


Alex, Noel, Lorenzo


Here is a list of members, who ascent to the Mont Blanc today:
1. Simonovic Vitaly
2. Dmitriev Andrey
3. Dmitriev Sergey
4. Romanov Vyacheslav
5. Alexey Soloviev
6. Chan-Sang Anatoly
7. Rogalev Peter
8. Vasily Kolesnikov
First guide Abramov Alexander
guides and assistants:Miller and Oleg Paul Milanov.