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28 July 2011, 22:54. Lenin Peak, all programs »

This is what tells us Dmitry on the progress of the expedition Club 7 Summits:

Hello, Dmitry Ermakov from the Lenin Peak. Our Expedition continues, today we have the second day of rest.
We do not do anything absolutely, only to eat and sleep! Tomorrow, if the weather will be good, we plan to go to the camp 1, further to camp 2 and camp 3 and the summit. But all depends on the weather. Yesterday had left the two participants: the George Sadykov and Georgiy Kuzmin. The rest are all well. See you!




List of groups:

1 Dmitry Ermakov - guide, expedition leader
2 Sergey Arefiev
Alexander Krovikov
4 George V. Kuzmin
5 Alexander Nesterenko
6 Constantine V.
7 Gregory S.