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5 September 2011, 17:01. Damavand, all programs »

Hello! Today our team visited a very beautiful palace of Iran. Then we had dinner and drove in the direction of our mountain Tuchal 3990 m. Then began our climb to the hut. It it usually takes about 3-4 hours.But it was very hot,  so we walk longer, about 5 hours, stayed often, but, in general, all climb, everyone is happy.

We came to the mountain hut.  It is nice four floors shelter, almost the hotel. Here is the dining room, rooms, there are no beds, but on the floor are placed mattresses, blankets and pillows and all this on the Persian carpets that is all very cool.

Nearby there is a river, a waterfall. It is very beautiful place. All is very hospitable.

Tomorrow, we are planning the first in the history of our team of climbing a mountain Tuchal 3990 m. It is planned that we start about six in the morning and at 12 o'clock we have to be in the summit. Here we have such plans, everyone is happy, everything is fine. Tomorrow, hopefully from the summit, I call once again.