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31 October 2011, 13:32

Hi all! This is Dmitry Ermakov from the expedition to Mera Peak. Today, almost all the members of our expedition has reached the summit of Mera Peak! Unfortunately, one of our participants couldn't reach the summit and stoped his ascent 200m before the top. All participants feel fine. Today we start the descent and then go back to Kathmandu. Everything is fine. Dmitry Ermakov.

The participants of the expedition:

    Dmitry Ermakov - guide, expedition leader 

  1.    Apal'kov Alexander
  2.    Dmitry Barabanov
  3.    Sergey Dmitriev
  4.    Alexander Dubinkin
  5.    Kirill Ants
  6.    Andrey Podolyan
  7.    Vitaly Simonovic   
  8.    Alexander Sobolenko 
  9.    Mikhail Filippov