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since 2005
10 November 2011, 22:14

The group of the 7 Summits Club has passed 9 days of trekking with day drop up to 2500 , passes with altitude above 4000. We have visited recently found out ancient constructions of Incas (cities, a fortresses, terraces on slopes for agricultural needs). It was sometimes difficult. Yesterday a long-awaited visiting of Machu Picchu has taken place. All the day long has been devoted to excursions on the city as well as independent survey. The most active memberss have visited "sun gate" - a construction in the east from Machu Pikchu over whom it is possible to observe rising the sun, being in a city. In the evening all group has gone to Cuzco by railways along the river Urubamba.

For the remained 2 days we have planned excursions on ancient capital of Incas - to a city of Cuzco, and sightseeng in Lima.