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13 May 2012, 11:09. Elbrus, all programs »

The great success - so you can call the results of competitions named Festival Red Fox Elbrus Race 2012. It took place from 7 to 11 May on the southern slopes of the highest mountains in Europe, on the classical route. It is near the village of Terskol. Several hundred participants started in several sport disciplines (vertical kilometer race, sky-running, ski-mountaineering, snow-shooing) . This is much more than two years ago. World leaders of sky-running for the first time took part in the Elbrus race . After a year pause, connected with operations against terrorists in the area, Mount Elbrus (from the south) is open for the public, open for climbing.



Guide 7 Summits Club Artem Rostovtsev took a very high place in the competition. He was the fourth in the vertical kilometer race and fifth in the race to the summit of Elbrus.




Azau Glade –Western Summitof Elbrus

The whole length of the route is around 12200 meters
Vertical drop of the route 3240 m


1. Luis Alberto Hernando (Spain) - 3.41

2. Marko de Gasperi (Italy) - 3.44

3. Vitaly Shkel (Samara) - 3.53


1. Janna Vokuyeva (St. Petersburg) - 5.02

2. Alexandra Dzik (Poland) - 5.39

3. Nadejda Korolyatina (Krasnoyarsk) - 6.12


Refuge Bochki (Garabashi) –Western Summitof Elbrus


1. Denis Provalov - 3 hours of 17 minutes

2. Vladimir Klebansky - 3.22

3. Ismail Achabayev - 3.45


1. Zoya Spirina - 5.16

2. Valeria Merkuryeva - 5.46


 Russia Today TV


The 2012 Red Fox Elbrus Race wrapped up in Russia earlier this week, reports our correspondent Alexandra Zakharova. Taking part in the high-speed run to the West Elbrus Peak were 150 athletes from twelve countries, including skyrunning stars Luis Hernando and Marco De Gasperi of Spain and Italy, respectively.

This year, the Red Fox Elbrus Race was part of competitions held under the auspices of the International Skyrunning Federation. It is Mount Elbrus which will be the venue of the 2012 Skyrunner World Series which will see the participation of many leading athletes. Alisa Tarim, press secretary of the administration of the Elbrus municipal district, praised the organization of the 2012 Red Fox Elbrus Race.

"The race has been held since 2010, and we hope that it will turn into a traditional event attended by a host of skyrunning stars, Tarim says. Right now, we are considering holding the 2014 World Skyrunning Championships," Tarim concludes.

Russian athletes performed brilliantly at the 2012 Red Fox Elbrus race, with Zhanna Vokuyeva and Nadezhda Korolyatina grabbing gold and bronze, respectively. As for Vokuyeva, it took her five hours and two minutes to reach the West Elbrus Peak, a result that meant that she broke a world record set by Alexandra Dzik of Poland in 2010. Another bronze was won in the men’s event by Vitaly Shkel.

Interestingly, the high-speed run to the West Elbrus Peak was held in two classes – professional athletes and non-professionals, who were obliged to start the ascent from the altitudes of 2,350 meters and 3,800 meters, accordingly.