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Mount Sidley: summit for whole team !!!

Mount Sidley (4181 m) – the highest point of the  Mary Bird Land, in very rarely visited area. It is officially recognized as the highest volcano of Antarctica, one of the “Seven ... read more »
19 January 2013, 02:41: According information from a member of our Club Vitaly Simanovich, the whole team reached the summit of Mount Sidley. The weather was perfect, a temp of ascent was very slow, because all climbers were waiting for Paul. Vitaly and friends are amazing by the beauty of unreal  scenery of ... MORE »
# 1. Lois & Fred Nicholson, 19/01/2013 18:43
Congratulations to everyone! We're extremely proud of your perseverance Paul. Wishing you a safe return. Looking forward to hearing all about your activities and your photographs. Cheers! Mom, Dad and all the gang in Calgary!
# 2. Lou-Anne Nicholson, 19/01/2013 19:17
Congratulations all! Yeah! Glad you all made it safely! Great news! Good job Paul - looking forward to your safe return back to KSA! Love you and miss you!
# 3. Kathy Brown, 20/01/2013 08:39
Fraser and I have been praying for you and we are also both rejoicing with you, congratulations on reaching the summit....what an amazing experience!
# 4. Dave Cantrell, 20/01/2013 09:33
Congratulations, Paul and everyone, on summitting - way to go!
# 5. Penny Bell, 20/01/2013 21:59
Paul, well done! From the extended Bell family, who have been following your ascent. I climbed Kilimanjaro because you made it seem easy. However, my emulation of you stopped there! From now on, I can only take vicarious pleasure from your accomplishments. I can't even imagine how difficult this climb was for you, but we all are in awe of your true grit and determination.

Penny Bell, (your Ist cousin 1 x removed)
# 6. LeGay Nakamura, 21/01/2013 07:58
Congratulations! We are celebrating with you. Can't wait to hear all about your adventure.
# 7. Paul Nicholson, 21/01/2013 18:36
Thanks to everyone for your kind comments! It was tougher for me than it should have been, I had boot problems - ended up with bleeding blisters and bruised ankle bones. Gave my boots (trojan horses) to the guide at the end of the trip. Added a chest cough to the foot pain 2 days before we left for the summit. Life is full of challenges :-) It was a fascinating trip - the Antarctic is a unique place. We had superb weather an a great guide. Some of my younger Russian colleagues forget to live in the moment along the trek, and that climbing is also a team sport - it takes partners to pull you out of a crevasse when you fall in - and then you forget all about whether the teams pace was too slow for your own personal taste. Actually, on summit day, we did the first 500 m ascent (3450 to 3950) in only 2 hours, which was arguably too fast. Anyhow, although we get slower as we get older, we also get wiser - Vitali, what is the rush? The scenery was amazing, stop and smell the roses. You and Olga also completely forgot to mention the impressive accomplishment of your own countryman Vyacheslav Adrov - Slava, very well done (!!!), you are now just the third person on the planet to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits - and the first Russian to complete all Volcanic Seven! You are my new hero ,-), it was a pleasure to climb with you and I hope to meet you on the mountain sometime again in the future ... Paul Nicholson
# 8. Bob Britt, 21/01/2013 19:43
Well done Paul! Lori and I were trying to keep up with your situation. Lori talked to LA on Saturday and she gave us some info. Have a good trip back to Saudi. Your bride anxiously awaits your return.
# 9. Steven Fasold, 21/01/2013 20:08
Wow! That's about all I've got ... wow and congrats! See you soon.
# 10. Jacob Bury, 22/01/2013 16:52
Nice work from the entire team. The scenery looks stunning there! Well, it never goes exactly by the book does it Paul? But by the sounds of it, great weather and a summit for everybody is a good result. What a trip that must have been, I must say I am jealous. Congratulations on your accomplishment, and I am looking forward to hearing more about it upon your return to another, much warmer desert.
# 11. Gregory Greg, 22/01/2013 20:49
Congratulations to Paul, Slava, Olga and Vitali on a successful Team Summit! What an outstanding accomplishment - we would all love to be in your shoes. Well, maybe not Paul's shoes -- ;-> --we were following you in spirit, and can appreciate your long journey to the top of the bottom. Safe Travels!
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