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4 April 2013, 19:41. North Pole, all programs »

Finally, for the first time, Greenpeace organizers showed a magic capsule. Our mission will be to bring it to the North Pole and sink it down to the bottom of ocean. Inside it marked the names of more than 2 million people that supported Greenpeace in the program of protecting theArctic. On the left in the photo, it is a famous American actor Ezra Miller. ...



We still have a couple of hours trying to finally pack the sleigh and deliver them today to load the plane.

Departure is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 a.m.

This morning, Victor Boyarsky briefed our two groups. Eric Phillips had questions :)



In the background, Dmitry Ermakov translates the speech of Boyarsky from English to Russian.


Morning training



Greenpeace team Aurora



Members and guides


Ezra Miller