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9 April 2013, 23:12. North Pole, all programs »

Good day! This is Lyudmila Korobeshko - a guide the Greenpeace expedition to the North Pole project "Save the Arctic." We have set the third camp, the third day of the journey is over. In fact, it is very cold. I just came out of the tent: probably minus thirty and thirty-five and then the wind increases. Today, we walked for about 11 kilometers. However, to the North Pole, we almost did not come close. That's because the drift takes us back. In fact, yesterday when we went out, we had 25 km from the Pole, in the evening it was 19 km. And when in the morning we were ready to go, it again became 25 km. And now, when we set camp ... 20 km left.

But when tomorrow we will wake up and look at the GPS, it can again be 25 km, or even 30, if the drift not changed. So what we are going, overcome obstacles, but remains at the same location. Of course, a little bit insulting.