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since 2005
9 September 2013, 16:15

The 7 Summits Club Club President Alex Abramov was hardly thinking, how and where he should celebrate his forthcoming 50th anniversary. It was an idea was to go alone from the South Pole to the ocean coast. There were other thoughts. But he accepted a decision, as always, non-trivial: to meet the anniversary at the top of the highest volcano of the World -Ojos del Salado! At an altitude of 6893 meters. And thus, to complete the project 7 Volcanoes. Now Alex went to a "global" expedition, which plans to climb the tallest volcano inAustralia–MountGiluve. If nothing unexpected happens, then on his return only the seventh volcanoOjos del Saladowill be to climb to finish the program.

YOU HAVE THEOPPORTUNITYTO JOIN jubilee expedition of Alexander Abramov!

Alexander Abramov invites everyone to Ojos. The program begins - January 3. Group size is limited.

The program is available here >>>>>>>