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since 2005
26 September 2013, 19:24


Hello Club! I'm calling you from the highest point of Congo and Uganda, the third highest mountain in Africa, Margherita peak 5110 meters, approximately. Fabulous, I must say to you, is the mountain. Most interesting is that all the fun begins from the height of Mont Blanc. And before that, it was still climbing, like as of Tete Rousse to Gouter, though shorter, just an hour. Well, in general, fabulous mountain! Fortunately, we made it. True it was in the clouds and fog. Fortunately everything turned out .. We all went down to the cabin already. This is Helena Hut, 4500. Now we catch our breath, get together and before real rain started, will run to the lower shelter. There will be overnight. Bye!


Audio in Russian: