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5 March 2015, 22:50

Guide 7 Summits Club Vladimir Kotlyar reports from Ecuador:

For 4 days we had to go two peaks: Ilinitsa North (5126m) and Cotopaxi (5897m)! On the first day of spring in 6 a.m. we left for the summit Ilinitsa North, whose height is 5126 meters above sea level. We started from a shelter Nueve Horizontes (4700 m). At nine in the morning we were at the top, climbed up in three hours.

Cotopaxi (5897 m) - this is the highest active volcano on earth. March 3rd we reached the summit of this snow-ice giant, sometimes slightly "smoked". Climbing started from a shelter at an altitude of 4800 meters above sea level in the morning. After half an hour of walking, we had to put on crampons.

But the most vivid impression were at the top, because it was not just the highest point with stunning views of the surrounding space. The top decorated by an unusual giant crater which is smoking little by! This crater is 800 meters in diameter and 300 m deep! It's really impressive, so take my word (and better check yourself).

We came down before lunch, plunged into the car and drove to Baños! We deserve a rest!

Now we proceed to the Galapagos ...