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since 2005
12 August 2015, 18:53

Hi, Club of Seven Summits! It is Artem Rostovtsev. I'm calling you from a train heading to Zermatt. The other day I had two programs called "Blitz Mont Blanc." But, unfortunately, the Mont Blanc has not turned out even once. The fault is not ours. The fault of the weather, currently the French side of Mont Blanc is closed. Therefore, with the first group, we have replaced Mont Blanc on the "Mont Blanc sky race." With success. Everybody liked the thought that the mountain will wait. In the second group plans shifted to the Gran Paradiso. Yesterday we were at the Gran Paradiso. The program ended, everyone was happy. The main thing - alive. But Mont Blanc wait until next year! Artem Rostovtsev. Switzerland, Train ...