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21 August 2015, 20:17

Good evening, good evening! Here Vladimir Kotlyar .... We are now in a pine grove, resting, breathing the air. Yesterday we fought, fought for life and death with the mountain, with the weather. The weather was tough ... But most of all we fought with themself .. We all have our own feelings and memories ... And we won! Five men under my leadership was at the top of the Eastern Peak of Elbrus. Some people were slightly below the top, literally 50 meters was not made.
The weather brought changes ...
Therefore, we are satisfied with everything, a little bit frozen went down. In principle, each with its own height. Now we already know what to prepare next time, have no illusion on account of the availability of Elbrus, etc., etc. ....

So today we have a rest, relax and celebrate ..


On the Eastern Peak yesterday