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25 August 2015, 23:08. Elbrus, all programs »

  Hello! Alex Abramov reports from the refuge LeapRus, which is located on Mount Elbrus. Today, our team had an acclimatization  outing  and climb up to Pastukhov Rocks. We were in a fairly good pace, in 5 hours we spent on the ascent and descent. I believe that the team is in a good training  form. Now there is a thunderstorm. The weather is not normal. Weather: sometimes it was absolutely clear and sometimes  is absolutely in the fog. Today, by the way, because of the weather the lifts were not working. And  Luda Korobeshko and Maxim Abramov  came to visit us on foot, from bottom. They went all the way from  Azau.

Tomorrow we will have a day of rest, which we would like to spend, a little below the shelter. Maybe we could even eat local cuisine.

About our plans: we will look for the weather. That all,  goodbye!