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8 September 2015, 19:19. Elbrus, all programs »

Guides and members of groups of 7 Summits Club were able to observe the difficult struggle power lifting athlete from Murmansk area Andrey Rodichev with himself, weight barbell, rarefied air, etc ... He raised the bar weighing 75 kilograms day after day, all the above. And he achieved his goal! Without any exaggeration this man is a real hero. His ascent he wanted to draw attention to the development of weightlifting in his region.

The barbell is left on the top, is now some souvenir lovers must to roll it down. It's easier than raise, but not too simple.

"- September 6th at exactly 12:15, I reached a top of Mount Elbrus, 5642 meters, - said the athlete. - Every day I practiced two or three times to be in a form suitable for such an arduous conquest of Mount Elbrus. When climbing, I saw only my shoes, it was very hard. Every day it was heavier than the previous one, but I went ahead. I even got eye burns, partly loss of sight. While I forced to be in dark glasses, but after 2-3 days it should OK. "

"- For Andrey it is much more difficult to climb the mountain than a common man - said Alexander Sukharev, a professional climber who helped Rodichev in the climb.- Mountain climbing and powerlifting - the two most incompatible sport. The less weight - the easier ascent. Andrey had to feed his huge muscles with oxygen, which is in the mountains in very short supply. "