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19 October 2015, 22:04

In the spring all we were shocked by the tragedy of Nepal, native and close to us the country, the victim of a catastrophic earthquake. We understood and still understand that the main thing in our power to do is to facilitate the return in full of the flow of tourists in the Himalayan Republic. And it is very important to inform tourists about the current state of the country, its willingness to receive guests.

Tomorrow the press tour in Nepal will start, it is organized by the 7 summits Club and our Nepal office the company 7 Summits Adventure under the patronage of the Ministry of tourism of Nepal.

In the trip following media take part: the crew of the First channel, journalist of TV channel "Culture", the representatives of several well-known print media, the authors of the guidebooks. It is planned to conduct live reports on radio station "Mayak".

Tour purpose: to show that Nepal after the earthquake, is ready to welcome tourists, its inhabitants welcome guests and await their return. Our company, like their Nepalese partners, we can offer trips for every taste, from budget to luxury tours. The word for the press...