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23 October 2015, 20:09

Good everything! It says Vladimir Kotlyar from Mount Kilimanjaro. Today we have climbed to a height of 3,700 meters on the Horombo hut. Here we celebrated the birthday of Luba, member of our team. Congratulations to her with his birthday! We wish her achievements, not only mountain peaks, but all through life. And ... yes ... traditionally, our team came up with a name. The name of our team - "Tactics of trump dozens" ... This here is an interesting name, think for yourself, why is it so. Tactics leads to success ... So we hope the climb with this tactic will lead to success .. In short, it was Vladimir Kotlyar. We continue to climb. Tomorrow we will have an acclimatization outing with return back to the Zebra Rocks. All the best!