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26 October 2015, 10:08. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

Jumbo, my friends! It is Vladimir Kotlyar, I speak straight from the highest point of Africa, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak - 5895 meters. The great weather, what stunning views! The whole group reached the summit. People, of course, tired. They still do not quite understand what they did. But I think on the way down, they could understand all. Good job! And now we take pictures, admire the beauty. And we begin the descent. Down, down, down - to eat, to rest, to recuperate. Tomorrow we will continue go downhill ... ..

The sky is clear. In fact, all previous days we are very unlucky with the weather. Unfortunately, it rained, it was damp and we could not see anything. But now we are above the clouds, and the view is breathtaking. In general, you could congratulate us with the successful climb! We did it!