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3 November 2015, 23:01

Alex Abramov: Today we climbed the route, Gornyashka in the Uch-Kosh sector, 9 pitches. At my feelings, it is 5B - 6A difficult grade.

Climbers: Alexander Marinkevich, Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko.
Another man, of our instructor, the trainer of Club Alexander Lastochkin came to the starting pount. But, as you know, the faster and more mobile is rope with three. In the end, Lastochkin chose climbing on a Red Stone.

We completed the route in 4 hours. The difference of about 200 m, 9 pitches..

Thanks to Alexander Marinkevich and his teammates, created the route!

Tomorrow, at Wednesday, the main members of our Mountain School come to the Crimea. We will meet at the village of Simeis. On the first day, we will hold training sessions on the rock Koshka.